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Cardiff Student Lettings Covering South Wales

Cardiff student letting, Pontypridd & Newport. Fed up with broken promises, poor damp student property and lack of customer service, if so let us get you sorted with our excellent range of quality student houses that you will love to live in at competitive rates, offering you a reliable and friendly service every time.

Start your property search with Hensons Homes and find your Ideal house or flat to share with your friends. All our student property are in prime locations, within easy walking distance to all Universities and come with safety certificates, protected bonds and up to date inventories.

Feel free to give us a call, pop in or register for property alerts so you don't miss out, we will keep you updated with the latest properties available, so you can view the best student accommodation first.

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Students Letting Guide

Finding the perfect student property can be tricky

So that's why we've made it easy for Students with NO! unfair agency fees to pay, hassel free lettings and quality student accommodation to choose from, making us your first choice for student property in Cardiff, Pontypridd & Newport.

Flexible viewings arranged around studies and student life style.

Friendly staff willing to help and explain the small print.

Independent inventories, protected bonds for peace of mind.


Watch Our 7 Important Tips For Renting A student Property

studentGuide to Letting

Six easy steps, making the letting process simply and straight forward, knowing that we are with you every step of the way, to finding and moving in to your ideal student home.
Step 1
Contact Us

You can choose to contact Hensons either by using this website and emailing us, giving us a phone call or you can pop in to our office where our friendly staff will help you find your next student home. So you do not miss out on your ideal home you can also register free with our property alerts so you may be kept up to date with the latest properties which come available.

Step 2
Finding a Property

Use our property search to select the properties that you are interested in from our website, then contact us so we may arrange a viewing. It is wise to start looking as soon as possible before you wish to move, as the nicer properties are viewed and reserved quickly. We will accompany you when viewing and will answer any questions you may have.

Step 3
Reserving Property

Once you have found a suitable property, you will need to reserve it by completing a tenancy application form, and paying the application fee. For all students tenancy applications, we will also require your parents or guardian to complete a guarantor form for referencing. We will then take the property off the market immediately and commence referencing.

Step 4
Reference Checks

As a minimum we will require you to supply the following information, your residential, credit status and University details, also we will ask for a personal guarantor who will be subject to referencing. We will use the services of an independent online referencing company to obtain your guarantor references, which will take upto 5 working days to complete.

Step 5
Tenancy Documents

When we receive your guarantors references back and are satisfactory, you will then be able to proceed with the signing the tenancy documents. The first month’s rent and tenancy deposit must be paid either by cash, bankers draft or cheque; the monies must be cleared before you can move in. Your rent will be payable by monthly standing order or if agreed by us or landlord, Bacs from your account.

Step 6
Moving In

The last and most exciting step is moving in where a representative of Hensons will meet you at your new home, they will go through the inventory and answer any questions you may have before signing. If the property is not managed by us, the landlord will be responsible for organising the check in with you. Utilities and council tax office will be contacted when you take up occupancy.

Student Tenancy Forms

Please find below the following paperwork that you will need to fill in when taking up a tenancy with us, If you have any queries give us a call, we will be more than happy to explain the small print.
Holding Deposit

A holding deposit is a reciept for reserving a property you have chosen to rent from us which is taken subject to contract, and to satisfactory references. This deposit is partley non-refundable if the applicant subsequently withdraws and where the tenancy goes ahead the deposit is deducted from the monies required for completion before the tenancy commences.

Student Application

When we have recieved your holding deposit you will then be required to fill out our tenants applications form per applicant. Please ensure all sections are completed and eligible, so we may procceed with your tenancy application swiftly. We will also require 2 forms of id, and for your parents or guardian to complete a guarantor form for referencing for your behalf.

Quick Bond Return

When completing our quick bond return applcation, you will be allowing us to return your bond back to you promptly. Please ensure all sections are filled in correctly and handed back to us at your check out appointment, as any errors or disrcepancies found, will mean an delay in returning your bond quickly.

Bank Standing Order

We will require you to complete a standing order form to instruct your bank to transfer a set amount of money on set dates, and this amount cannot be varied by us unlike a direct debit, only the account holder has the authority to change these details. For tenancy agreement that didn't start on the first of the month, then we will take an apportioned amount of rent for your first month and your standing order will still be set up for the first of each month.

Guarantor Agreement

Students will be rquired to complete a guarantor agreement either by their parents or guardian for referencing and when a guarantor signs this agreement they are guaranteeing to meet any financial commitements that the tenant fails to meet. This agreement only relates to specifically named tenants and will need to be signed by a UK home owner aged over 25, and witnessed by someone who is not related to the guarantor by birth or marriage. We will also need proof of the guarantors address in the form of a utility bill no less than three months old, and photo id.

Tenancy Agreement

This is a sample of our student tenancy agreement, and is for prospective tenants and guarantors to have a chance to read through the tenancy agreement before your signing appointment. Whilst the details such as property and rental amount are blank this information will have been given you on on a separate form when you reserved your property with your agency fee. Unless specifically stated all assured shorthold tenancy agreements are joint and several.

Student Tenancy Bonds

Landlords are legally required to safeguard tenants’ deposits under an insured or custodial Government Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS). We’re members of Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and all deposits we take on behalf of our landlords are protected in this way at no additional cost.
Legal requirements for deposit protection

When you take a property that is managed by Hensons, we will protect your deposit with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS). By law we are required to protect your deposit with one of three schemes; Tenancy Deposit Solutions Ltd, also known as My Deposits, The Tenancy Deposit Scheme, or the DPS as referred to above.

Please note there are some exceptions; such as if your tenancy is not an assured shorthold tenancy agreement (AST), i.e. a company let or your tenancy started before 6th April 2007. We can provide more details upon request.

Non Managed Properties

If your property is not managed by Hensons, your landlord is still required to protect your deposit, and you will be given details of which scheme they have chosen to use upon signing your contract. You will need to liaise with your landlord and the deposit scheme provider for the release of your deposit.

Deductions from your bond

Your deposit, or bond as it is also known by is held for security against your obligations of your tenancy agreement. More specifically deductions can be made from bond if there are rent arrears, late rent charges are outstanding, utility bills are outstanding or there is damage or missing items from the property.

With the new tenancy deposit protection regulations, any deductions from your bond can either be agreed with yourself, or disputed directly with the scheme provider. Each scheme provider has an independent claims adjudicator, which ensures any deposits are justified, and the amount deducted is reasonable.

Assisting with the return of your bond

As a tenant, you can ensure that your bond is returned promptly and in full. Before we return you bond we will:

  • Check the property for any damage
  • Check the list of items against the inventory and schedule of condition
  • Check the property is clean
  • Check that all utility bills and council tax have been paid
  • To assist you please download and complete our Quick Return Bond Form.

If any of the above are not complete, then we will withhold all, or part of the deposit for the cost of rectifying any of the above problems. Please note that once your tenancy is over, we will not permit you to have keys to sort out any of the problems.

To return your deposit we will need your repayment id number from the DPS. You will have received this via the post at the start of your tenancy. If you have lost this number please contact the DPS on 0870 707 1707 prior to contacting Hensons.

Your Questions? Answered

Please find below our comprehensive list of most frequently asked questions, with answers regarding that particular topic. Please do not hesitate in contacting us, where we will be most happy to answer any questions not covered here.

What is a holding deposit? and do I get it back?
Holding Deposits - usually one months rent for student accommodation- can be required when you make an offer on a property. If, for any reason, you decide not to go ahead by an agreed date, the holding deposit or part of it will be retained against administrative costs already incurred. Otherwise it will be off-set against the first rent and full deposit payments. If the landlord decides not to proceed then the holding deposit will be returned. The payment of a holding deposit in no way legally obliges either party to enter into the tenancy.

What agency fees do I pay?
We only charge you 20% of the first months rent per application to cover our referencing and administratioin costs.

What money will I need in the beginning?
One month's rent in advance to cover summer half rents for July and August.
Security deposit (Bond) Normally one months rent, to be held as a deposit against damage.
Pre-paid cheque to cover first months rent for September, this will not be banked until rent is due.

What information will I need to supply for student application?
You will need to complete a Student Tenancy Application, and your parents or guardain to complete Guarantor Form for referencing, which these forms will require the following information:

• Student Nos. & course taken.
• Addresses for the last 3 years.
• Bank/Building society details.
• Two forms of id, plus photo id.

What are my responsibilities?
These should be clearly set out in your tenancy agreement, which you should read carefully before you sign. If in doubt, ask the agent. There is a duty for professional agents to ensure that anyone relying on them is offered correct advice.

What is a tenancy agreement?
It is a legally binding document between you and the landlord, applicable only to you and the property you are renting that states the amount of rent, the length of the tenancy, your rights and responsibilities. Your agreement will be an Assured Shorthold tenancy under the Housing Act 1988.

How long does it take?
From viewing a property it normally takes seven to ten working days for the referencing to be processed, inventories to be carried out and initial monies to clear. If for any reason this is not possible it is important that we are notified so that we can endeavor to assist.

When will I be allowed to move in?
It is standard practice with most student properties for the landlord to request a retainer over the summer months. The minimum contract term is 12 months however it is normal that most students will not take up occupation in the property until term begins in September and then move out at the end of Term the following June. Half rent is contracted over the summer period for the first 2 months providing that the property remains unoccupied. This time is generally when the landlord will carry out and necessary repairs at the property. Please note: You will only be permitted to move into your home on receipt of first payment.

How do we arrange to collect the keys ?
Keys for ‘Let Only’ properties must be collected direct from the Landlord. Keys to managed properties are held by Hensons. The summer months can be extremely busy as everyone moves into their new homes. We advise that an appointment to collect keys is made as soon as possible to avoid delays or disappointment.

Who will attend to any issues I may have once I have moved in?
Issues occurring in ‘Let Only’ properties should be reported to the landlord direct. Any problems within Managed properties should be reported to Hensons. We will always endeavor to deal with reports in the fastest possible time to limit any inconvenience to our tenants. Please refer to our maintenance web page for further details.

How do will pay our rent?
Rent for ‘Let Only’ properties should be paid direct to the landlord. As the agent we collect the rent on behalf of the landlord for all Managed properties. Rent is due on the 1st of every month and will be collected by standing order or Bac's. Standing order are set up to collect from ONE designated house account for the FULL rent amount as specified on the contract. Payments will clear on the 27th of every month to ensure that the monies have cleared by the 1st. Your son/daughter will be required to set up a house account with each tenant then responsible for ensuring that their share of the rent is deposited into that account in time for the direct debit collection. If your parents are paying rent on your behalf they will need to obtain details of your r chosen house account to set up your payments. In the event that the standing order collections bounce a charge of £25.00 will be applied.

What else do we need to pay for?
The tenant is responsible for the utility bills such as gas, electricity, water and telephone during the course of the tenancy, T.V. licence, etc; and students are exempt from paying council tax. Please Note: You are also responsible for paying these utilities for July and August even though you have only paid half rent for these months.

Sharing a house but want just your share of the bills, if so we have given you the option to sign up to Glide through Hensons at the beginning of your tenancy, so that each house mate are only billed for their share of the monthly bills, everything is shared equally and you make one single payment. Please ask for details.

What must I do at the end of the tenancy?
Ensure you fulfil your obligations stated in the tenancy agreement to leave the property in the condition it was in at the start, or deductions will be made from your deposit. These will include thorough cleaning of the property and receipt of final bills from all utility companies and local council tax. If you have moved furniture, return it to where you found it at the time of the inventory. Please Note: To assist you with the prompt return of your security deposit, we have provided a Quick Bond Return Form, which you may find in the Student form section of our website.

How do I get my deposit back?
After an inventory check and condition inspection and provided there are no missing items or damage to the property the deposit monies will be returned according to the timescales under the Tenancy Deposit Scheme in the tenancy agreement. You cannot set your deposit against the last rent payment due.

Who will be holding my deposit?

The bond deposit is collected by the landlord and offers protection against any damages caused by the tenants during their stay. It is not to be used towards any rent payment. Bonds collected for ‘Let Only’ Contracts are forwarded to the landlord who then has a legal obligation to register the bond with an approved tenancy deposit scheme. Please contact the respective landlord direct for details of their chosen scheme. Bonds collected for all ‘Managed’ Properties are held by Hensons and registered with ‘Deposit Protection Service (DPS). We will provide tenants living in managed properties with confirmation of the registration and the associated certificate.

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